Plunge into spring

  My how vibrant and perky everything in my garden looks, it’s loving late September’s prescription of a whole lot of rain and some warm sunshine for good measure. The Spanish lavender is in full flower, the colour of them so deliciously purple that I knew it was time to make some dainty lavender shortbread. I found a recipe in Annie Bell’s Baking Bible, but hers … Continue reading Plunge into spring

A dollop of deliciousness

I blame school camps. The forced grace, gagging on soggy fish fingers or bland cottage pie before returning to the counter to have a giant ladle of off-white, quivering goop, reeking of mock vanilla, slapped into your meekly-presented bowl. Custard just never managed to appeal, in the wake of it.* I still don’t bother much with custard in my kitchen, I don’t have the patience … Continue reading A dollop of deliciousness

The banana cake with benefits

I’ve been experimenting with using different types of flours and natural sweeteners in baking, hoping to build up a repertoire of recipes that don’t contain standard wheat flour or white sugar. It’s not that I’ve cut those ingredients out of my diet, but I do think there’s a growing awareness that we consume too much of those particular ingredients, creating an imbalance in our diets that can easily be … Continue reading The banana cake with benefits