Smoking in Sachie’s Kitchen

  Last week I went along to a special night at Sachie’s Kitchen in Parnell, hosted by Regal Salmon. First, let me tell you Sachie’s Kitchen is an excellent little set-up and I’d  recommend checking out the website if you’re in the market for some cooking classes. Anyway, we made a couple of different dishes using fresh salmon, including sushi with meltingly soft raw salmon. … Continue reading Smoking in Sachie’s Kitchen

Wait for it…

Local gourmet-leaning food retailer Nosh announced yesterday announced new and exclusive partnership with UK supermarket Waitrose. Nosh will be stocking a range of Waitrose products, plus cheeses sourced through Waitrose. I miss the huge cheese counter of the Finchley Rd Waitrose in London, and I’m thinking that the partnership might mean, among other things, a wider selection of English cheddar at a better price – … Continue reading Wait for it…

Elliott Stables

  It was a wee while in between visits to Elliott St inner-city ‘epicurean village’ Elliott Stables for me, and my what a difference. It used to strike me as a place that hadn’t quite got there, and now, thankfully, it’s there. Last time I visited it was bustling with city workers tucking in to some seriously good-looking lunch options. With a selection of eateries … Continue reading Elliott Stables

The Food Show

Ah the behemoth that is the annual Food Show in Auckland. Paying to rub shoulders – I mean barge shoulders – with like-minded hungry souls reaching determinedly for a teensy sliver of pan-fried haloumi atop a wisp of stale ciabatta. Nah, that’s mean. But kind of true. You definitely don’t go to the Food Show for a relaxing tour of this county’s best and newest … Continue reading The Food Show

Oratia Farmers Market

Some good friends have recently moved out into the Waitakeres, so visiting them yesterday was the perfect chance check out the Oratia Farmers Market en route. I’m glad we did – this small but very well-organised market is a gem. Fresh bread, seasonal produce small smallholders, cured meats, smoked fish, microgreens, seedlings, honey and plenty more bounty to take home and cook with. Plus lots … Continue reading Oratia Farmers Market

Shefco Lebanese Cuisine

You can barely walk half a block in most parts of Sydney without passing a shawarma joint. Whether the shopkeepers are Lebanese, Syrian, or Iraqi, Middle Eastern food is everywhere in that multicultural metropolis. We have our fair share of immigrants from the Levant here in New Zealand, too, so I’ve never understood why every kebab joint here purports to have Turkish origins. In fact, … Continue reading Shefco Lebanese Cuisine

City Foraging

Foraging’s been in vogue for a wee while now, and there are indeed whole websites devoted to the subject in Auckland alone.  Spurred by a walk to the shops today past fruit-laden feijoa trees in Sandringham, I’d like to contribute my two cents via this blog which I’ll update as I discover new sources of goodness, and ask readers for any tips on foraging for … Continue reading City Foraging