I was impressed on a recent visit to Ponsonby’s MooChowChow, whose menu had recently had a refresh. While there’s certainly a fusion element to the Thai-inspired food there, the balance of flavours is for the most part very authentic. Standout dishes we had were a red curry with terakihi and clams, which was warmly spicy, very citrusy and only had the faintest ouch of sweetness. … Continue reading Moochowchow

A French fling

Perched in the courtyard of The French Cafe, sipping an aperitif is easily one of the nicest ways to kick off a balmy summer’s eve in Auckland. Especially when that courtyard has recently been renovated with the help of landscape designer Xanthe White, and you sit surrounded by espalier pear trees creeping up the brick walls, and vertical planters from which spills generous summer produce that might very … Continue reading A French fling

Wahetian way

We’ve been lucky enough to spend a bit of time this summer on Waiheke island, one of my favourite places to eat and drink.  There’s just something inherently relaxing about the place which just makes everything taste better. That, and the fact there are a number of great places to eat and talented food producers on the island. Here are a few of the places we enjoyed on … Continue reading Wahetian way

Thai Excursion

Today’s post comes to you from Phuket, a destination I’m hoping to prove is more than beaches, buckets and English breakfasts in 34 degree heat. This is our first ‘family’ holiday – that is, a holiday with two under-4’s in tow. It would’ve been a lot easier to skip over to a Pacific Island, given that getting to Thailand involves around 14 hours flying time … Continue reading Thai Excursion

Pop-up Dining Auckland

Talented, adventurous and rearing to go, chef Ben Barton recently returned to his hometown AK after many years working on bling-bling boats and ski resorts. Back in January he decided to have a crack at starting up a regular pop-up dining scene, and four months down the track he has successfully hosted meals that have included a drunken Mexican brunch, a mole night (as in … Continue reading Pop-up Dining Auckland

My Kitchen Express Taiwanese Cuisine

  Dining last Friday night at a very busy New Flavour in a very busy Balmoral, the dishes were taking a little longer than usual to appear from the kitchen. My one year old was not happy about this. She had food envy: she watched in barely disguised fury as mounds of steaming hand-cut noodles, platters of fat white dumplings and iron plates of sizzling … Continue reading My Kitchen Express Taiwanese Cuisine