Get chopping

Hot days are absolutely the time for the kind of textural, colourful, lime-drenched salads and salsas that Mexico and South East Asia share a love of. Whether it’s a classic tomato salsa, an Isaan som tam, a Balinese shallot salad or a simple cucumber and sesame seed number, one of my biggest love affairs is with these crunchy beauties. They go wonderfully with anything off … Continue reading Get chopping

Tamarind braised summer medley

It’s 9pm and I’ve just walked back into my house after a beautiful evening walk round the hood. Gardens this time of year are off the hook. It’s been hot, but not for long enough yet for things to have dried out. The star jasmine has just about done its dash, the blooms are starting to turn and the scent is at its peak of … Continue reading Tamarind braised summer medley

Grapefruit a Go-Go

To me, winter is well and truly here when these heavy golden orbs start dropping from heavily burdened branches onto soggy lawns throughout the country (well, in the subtropical North at least – do grapefruit survive frosts? I’m not sure.) A few years ago I wrote a piece about grapefruit for Taste magazine and discovered in my in-depth research (I didn’t study Arts for nothing) that what … Continue reading Grapefruit a Go-Go

In Season: Beautiful Butternut

  The vibrant orange of a ripe butternut squash must be one of the most beautiful colours on display in the vegetable kingdom. I’m not a big pumpkin/squash/ person, for the most part, but I welcome butternut, with its sweet yet not cloying, less tacky flesh, into my kitchen in Autumn. (There’s something about the way pumpkin sticks to the roof of one’s mouth that … Continue reading In Season: Beautiful Butternut