Raw roasted realness

You might notice a theme here; I’m a little obsessed at present with throwing a whole lot of summer produce in a roasting dish, tossing through some olive oil, salt and pepper, and blitzing it in a hot oven till the skins are wrinkly and sometimes a bit crispy and the innards are yielding – unctuous, sweet and juicy. So. Damn. Good. But even better when you then stir through some fresh stuff to offer contrast. Some raw tomatoes to marry with the cooked ones, bunches of fresh herbs from the garden, perhaps some fresh or crumbly cheese to give it an extra lift.

This bowl of goodness here also made use of some day-old sourdough, toasted a little, which soaked up all the juices very nicely, and to roast the veges in this bowl I coated them with a little pomegranate balsamic reduction made in Mangawhai  by Divinity. It’s phenomenally good in all sorts of ways but particularly embracing the wonderful late summer vegetables round right now.

When roasted meets raw, flavour wins.


4 thoughts on “Raw roasted realness

    1. Excellent stirred through pasta. When I’m feeling productive, I roast a big batch of aubergine and freeze it in batches, Thaw and you have the basis for an amazingly good pasta sauce – just add sweated onion or garlic and passata. Rich, easy and delicious.

  1. love this Anna ,I ]’m with you – go and grab from the garden , sweat it down with the herbs , lots of oil and , if you fancy , fresh garlic , I usually add a moment of red wine vinegar to sharpen it up and never forget the good old salt and pepper . Refresh before serving with some fresh chopped herbs and a squeeze of lemon .

    1. Love a little sharp hit – either red wine vinegar, Divinity pomegranate balsamic reduction or sometimes for a more Asian-inspired dish I’ll add tamarind to long eggplants and peppers and serve with fresh steamed rice- very tasty!

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