Supreme Seafarers


On Friday I popped in to the just-opened Supreme Coffee brew bar on the Tyler St ground floor of the The Seafarers building. It was hard to even spot it was there as there was a big digger thing out the front, and The Fearon Hay fit out wasn’t yet complete (but will be come this week), yet eager customers were popping in and out grabbing coffee and counter food, all of which is being made in Josh Emmett-led Ostro kitchen upstairs. And it’s exciting to think how this space is going to look and feel when both Supreme and Ostro are up and running, not to mention the other 4 levels awaiting development.

I met up with Supreme’s managing director Al Keating and chatted about the new batch-brew Fetco machine they’re importing from the US – which was at the time held up in Customs, but is by now probably working away making customised brews. It’s something I need to learn more about, because I’m a bit green to the whole single origin, newfangled apparatus thing. Yep, I need some convincing to covert from my flat white ways. I did have an excellent long black while I was at Seafarers, an espresso roast from Ethiopian beans, which had wonderfully toasty, citrusy flavours. And I was impressed to note they offer coconut sugar on each table – the caramely taste of which complements coffee so well.

So many purveyors of really good coffee in the downtown area now, but I’ll definitely be making this my go-to when I’m around Britomart.

Supreme Seafarers, 52 Tyler St, Takutai Square, 7 days from 7am.




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