Wholly delicious


The Lewis Road Creamery range of organic Jersey milk and cream hit the shelves a few weeks ago and has caused quite a stir, with bloggers aplenty impressed at the difference in taste between this premium organic product that is both permeate and palm kernel oil-free, and comes solely from Lewis Road’s Jersey herds. My advice is go for the full-fat, non-homogenised silver top. That’s where the taste difference is most obvious – my god is this stuff delicious. Rich, with a buttery but clean flavor, it’s replete with wads of thick cream. Personally I’m keen to join a raw milk collective some time soon, after being luck enough to take half a friend’s supply for a few months – but this silver Lewis Road stuff will do nicely for now.

They’re doing a single cream and a double cream (how very English!). Both will whip, but the latter is so thick I like to just pour it straight from the bottle for most applications. It’s wonderful drizzled over a piece of Orange & Almond cake (recipe to come soon).


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