A dollop of deliciousness


I blame school camps. The forced grace, gagging on soggy fish fingers or bland cottage pie before returning to the counter to have a giant ladle of off-white, quivering goop, reeking of mock vanilla, slapped into your meekly-presented bowl. Custard just never managed to appeal, in the wake of it.*

I still don’t bother much with custard in my kitchen, I don’t have the patience for it. So for these reasons I’m mighty glad for the existence of Dollop, who have just put out a new range of ready-to-eat custards with accompanying preserved fruit. Made with natural vanilla, and other quality ingredients, these puppies aren’t even remotely related to that camp slop.

I’ve tried these two flavours, with berry compote and with passion lemon curd, and my pick is the berry. Which means it must be really really good, as I’m usually a passionfruit kind of girl, and that flavor is good too, but the berry wins by a nose, for me. What a lovely idea for a quick dessert, just as they are, or serve with poached or roasted seasonal fruit.

*Rice pudding, I’m afraid the same thing happened with you. But you were ultimately, deliciously redeemed with chilled, sticky-topped, brulee-ish sutlac in Turkey.


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