Yeah, I’m getting a little sick of these fused words too, and this sounds like a name for a dinosaur, or maybe a respiratory infection – but, sorry, once the name popped in to my head, it kind of stuck. If you’re a fan of cauli rice as an alternative, check out this broccoli version, great for making salads, and hey, maybe a green pizza base could work – I’ll have to try it sometime. It would also make excellent fritters, mixed with an egg, some goat’s cheese, preserved lemon and slivered almonds and topped with a tahini dressing. Yum.

It’s really just the same method as my cauli rice, except where I’d use mostly just the cauli florets, I use the whole head of broccoli, stem and all. Really, the sweet crunchy stem of a fresh crisp broccoli is the best bit.

Take a head of broccoli, give it a rinse and cut of and discard just the woody, dry end of the stem. Slice the whole head up roughly and throw it all into the bowl of a large processor. Blitz till you get the desired consistency, about the size of short rice grains. In a large frying pan, saute a little garlic in a touch of oil until soft, then add the brocouscous and stir round for a minute. Add a Tbsp of lemon juice and a Tbsp water and keep stirring for another few minutes, than you’re done and you have your lightly cooked brocouscous ready for jazzing up with all sorts of flavours. Marries well with hard cheeses like parmesan or pecorino, chilli, all things lemon, black bean, miso, sesame and smoky sweet cured meats.



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