Plunge into spring

  My how vibrant and perky everything in my garden looks, it’s loving late September’s prescription of a whole lot of rain and some warm sunshine for good measure. The Spanish lavender is in full flower, the colour of them so deliciously purple that I knew it was time to make some dainty lavender shortbread. I found a recipe in Annie Bell’s Baking Bible, but hers … Continue reading Plunge into spring

A dollop of deliciousness

I blame school camps. The forced grace, gagging on soggy fish fingers or bland cottage pie before returning to the counter to have a giant ladle of off-white, quivering goop, reeking of mock vanilla, slapped into your meekly-presented bowl. Custard just never managed to appeal, in the wake of it.* I still don’t bother much with custard in my kitchen, I don’t have the patience … Continue reading A dollop of deliciousness

Arabic coffee

The other day I received a perky little delivery: a cute orange and white-striped beach bag packed full of caffeinated goodness from the folks at Bach Espresso, to celebrate their range going into supermarkets nationwide. I’ve often enjoyed their espresso roast at cafes, like Altar up the road from my house, and now it’ll be a regular guest in my caffeine drawer (yes, I have … Continue reading Arabic coffee