Cauli pizza base

This an idea I first came across in The Green Kitchen (HardieGrant), the debut cookbook by Stockholm-based bloggers Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel of Green Kitchen Stories. It’s a very pretty book and full of virtuous, easy to make, vegetarian and clean-eating recipes. It makes me want to abandon animal protein (almost) and move to Sweden.  Okay, I admit, it’s not just the uber-cool Vindahl-Frenkiel talent that … Continue reading Cauli pizza base

The banana cake with benefits

I’ve been experimenting with using different types of flours and natural sweeteners in baking, hoping to build up a repertoire of recipes that don’t contain standard wheat flour or white sugar. It’s not that I’ve cut those ingredients out of my diet, but I do think there’s a growing awareness that we consume too much of those particular ingredients, creating an imbalance in our diets that can easily be … Continue reading The banana cake with benefits