Pampered greens



Here’s the easiest, yummiest thing you can do with fresh kale: wash and dry the leaves and strip them from their stems (discard stems), tearing leaves into smallish pieces. In a large bowl, whisk a good  of evoo, juice of half a lemon, a little flaky sea salt and black pepper. Add the kale into the bowl and massage the dressing into the leaves. No namby pambying, you want to bruise the leaves, darkening them a little and breaking down the toughness. The result? The kale is still crisp but not at all thick and rubbery, and the simple flavours of the dressing are nicely embedded in each piece of kale. When I get some cavalo nero coming up in my garden this season I’ll try this technique with that, too.

This kale salad is a great refresher to serve with roast meats this winter, or of course you could add myriad other seasonal, crunchy things to make a salad that’s a meal of its own.

 Where to buy kale? Produce and farmer’s markets, Nosh and Farro, and organics stores are your best bet. NZ supermarkets don’t often seem to stock kale, but this may change as the leafy green continues its rise to superfood stardom. New World Victoria Park, whose range is way posher than most supermarkets, stocks a really good organic kale, $3.99 for a big bag.


2 thoughts on “Pampered greens

  1. I’ve got a garden full of kale, but I’ve always assumed you needed to cook the stuff unless it’s picked really young. I tried preparing it your way the other night and it really worked! Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome, it was a revelation for me, too. I’ve planted out lots of curly kale and cavalo nero but they’re super slow in this cold weather. Last year my cavalo nero was mad, it seemed to love being neglected and I was picking it from about April till December or January. I never tired of roasting it till crisp and sprinkling with sea salt.

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