Friday snack shack



I’m potato chip (crisp, whatever you want to call it) addict, so I love anything that equals or even trumps the savoury hit that chips offer, but without all the crappy additives and preservatives. Having said that – check out the wildly different ingredients lists on a bag of ready salted chips compared to anything flavoured (roast lamb in a chip, anyone? And I’ll bet there’s nothing remotely related to lamb in there). While I could never admit that salt and vinegar is anything but the king of chips, ready salted can stand proud with its mere three or so ingredients.

I digress. I’m here to tell you about a delicious little snack I’ve been making. All you do is toast whatever nuts and seeds you like, in a hot heavy pan, with a little olive oil and paprika – I use both smoked and sweet. When everything’s nicely golden, take off the heat, sprinkle over some flaky sea salt and devour. Well, wait a wee bit or you’ll burn your tongue into numbness. In the pic above I used blanched almonds and sunflower seeds, which, combined with the paprika, had me feeling all Spanish. Perfect with a crisp cerveza.

I also like to toast seeds (a good mix is sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, linseed) with a little soy sauce, and once cool, store in a jar either for snacking on or throwing into salads.

Best place to buy nuts and seeds? Bulk Savings in Eden Valley has a great range with a lot of organic options, and you can’t beat the several Indian grocers’ in Sandrigham for price.


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