Pimp my laab

  For a zingy, spicy flavor bomb you can’t get much better than a freshly made laab classic Isaan dish of hand-chopped meat or fish braised and mixed with loads of chopped up shallots, herbs, ground jasmine rice and a tangy dressing. Lately I’ve been warding off winter sniffles by adding extra greens to just about everything, and I found this worked well with a … Continue reading Pimp my laab

Pining for flavour

Sick of paying $70 to $100/kilo for stubby little Korean pine nuts that already taste a bit rancid? I am. The past few years I’ve been stocking up on them at the Sandringham Food Market shops where they sometimes have them going for as cheap as $30/kilo, so I can throw them generously into dishes – but there’s no pretending they’re anywhere near as good as … Continue reading Pining for flavour

Pampered greens

  Here’s the easiest, yummiest thing you can do with fresh kale: wash and dry the leaves and strip them from their stems (discard stems), tearing leaves into smallish pieces. In a large bowl, whisk a good  of evoo, juice of half a lemon, a little flaky sea salt and black pepper. Add the kale into the bowl and massage the dressing into the leaves. No namby pambying, … Continue reading Pampered greens

Cauliflower ‘rice’

I’m a sucker for carbolicious staples like rice, pasta, bread, couscous. If it’s going to peak your insulin, I’ll have it, thanks. For me a lot of the attraction, I’ve come to realise, is the relative blandness, and the texture. The way these things soak up sauces and dressings and provide some ‘space’ in between rich flavours. Using cauliflower as an alternative to a starchy … Continue reading Cauliflower ‘rice’