Water kefir






I’m quite excited about my latest foray into the world of fermentation after I was given some water kefir grains by the lovely food writer Eleanor Ozich of Petite Kitchen. I used to make kefir using milk (the  grains/cultures used to make water and milk kefir are different) but after a few too many incidents of me being less than diligent with my delicate grains, they went bad and refused to perform any longer. So it was months since I’d made kefir. I thought I’d try these water grains out with fresh young coconut water to see how that went. It went so well, I’m hooked – the coconut kefir drink tasted tart and fizzy with quite a ginger kind of flavour to it. I’m going to be needing a regular supply of those coconuts, now.

Kefir, along with other fermented foods, is purportedly very beneficical for the whole digestive tract, and in turn, the immune system. I’ve found it reasonably difficult to obtain grains here, so if you know of any friends who make kefir, see if they can increase their culture and gift some to you. Alternatively, ask at your local healthfood store or try Trademe.


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