Ceramic scoop


Sometimes you walk out out empty-handed, other times you strike gold: I love op-shopping. I got this neat little haul last weekend at the Sandringham Red Cross. Normally there’s not much in the way of interesting bric-a-brac there, but someone must’ve dropped off a stash of crockery, and I scored a bunch of Crown Lynn cereal bowls and white ribbed-edge saucers, two beautiful Dutch-made coffee cups with earth-toned outer and eggshell blue inner, a hand-painted jug, a thick cream-coloured pot with red seal (new sugar pot), a little green bowl I’ll use for flaky salt, a brown vase with handle and – my favourite – a white pot with cork lid.

Right now I’m becoming obsessed with natural-toned ceramics. I’d buy everything on EverdayNeeds if I could, but the prices are a little out of my league… Yesterday I interviewed ceramist (yes, ceramist is correct, as is ceramicist) Katherine Smyth, whose work I hadn’t before come across, and her amazing talent has fuelled my obsession also.


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