I was impressed on a recent visit to Ponsonby’s MooChowChow, whose menu had recently had a refresh. While there’s certainly a fusion element to the Thai-inspired food there, the balance of flavours is for the most part very authentic. Standout dishes we had were a red curry with terakihi and clams, which was warmly spicy, very citrusy and only had the faintest ouch of sweetness. Wile the caramelised pork hock was unctuous and delicious, there was a very sweet element to it to balance the vinegar and it was possibly just a little too sweet for a sour-ist like me to want to eat more than a small serving. The green papaya salad uses tamarind, rather than the traditional lime, for sourness, but was equally moreish and the kind of textural masterpiece I always seek out.

The bill for two, for a lot more food than we could get through, plus a yummy cocktail (The Bloody Wallbank – a Mary with a Thai twist) and a glass of wine, was just over $100 which seems very good value. We’ll definitely be going back and I hope to find that delectable fish curry still on the menu.


23 Ponsonby Rd

Phone 360 6262




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