Sly butternut muffins with chocolate chunks

They’re innocent, really, these guys, but I felt pretty sly winning my unsuspecting, squash-hating children over with such delicious vege-filled treats. The other utterly brilliant thing about these is the fact you don’t need to peel the squash – wahoo! I got the idea from a Jamie Oliver recipe but replaced the boring old raisins with generous chunks of both Whittaker’s Dark Ghana and white chocolate varieties. I also reduced … Continue reading Sly butternut muffins with chocolate chunks

Ceramic scoop

Sometimes you walk out out empty-handed, other times you strike gold: I love op-shopping. I got this neat little haul last weekend at the Sandringham Red Cross. Normally there’s not much in the way of interesting bric-a-brac there, but someone must’ve dropped off a stash of crockery, and I scored a bunch of Crown Lynn cereal bowls and white ribbed-edge saucers, two beautiful Dutch-made coffee … Continue reading Ceramic scoop


I was impressed on a recent visit to Ponsonby’s MooChowChow, whose menu had recently had a refresh. While there’s certainly a fusion element to the Thai-inspired food there, the balance of flavours is for the most part very authentic. Standout dishes we had were a red curry with terakihi and clams, which was warmly spicy, very citrusy and only had the faintest ouch of sweetness. … Continue reading Moochowchow