Season to taste




This week I somewhat half-heartedly set out to do a 5-day juice fast. The first day, after a breakfast of beetroot, apple, ginger and cucumber juice, I accidentally ate half a vegetable pie that was sent to me at work. It was probably the best vege pie I’ve ever tried, so it was worth it. Then juice, juice, juice till last night when I started to panic. How could I let my beautifully ripe heirloom tomatoes ripen and turn to mush while I sat there drinking juice? How could I choose to miss out on all this glorious summer produce – even for five days?

Yes, I could still juice the stuff, but I’m sitting here thinking of all the wonderful, wonderful ways to prepare and cook summer’s bounty. No only that, I’m reading through mouthwatering recipes all day in the office; ideas I want to rush home and try out. So it struck me, for me, right now, attempting to live on juice for five days is ridiculous. Juicing doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. Right now, I’m happy to replace one or two meals a day with juice, or do a couple of days fasting on juice. I love how in one glass of luridly green juice (see pic), I’m taking in a huge bunch of spinach, a banana, and an apple or two. I love using up too-soft peaches in the juicer, and zipping through a big stack of silverbeet. My Breville Crush juicer, which I’m totally in love with, will still be in and out of the appliance garage every day. And one day soon I’ll try a bit harder to keep going for a few more days, and see if I feel some amazing energy rush creep up on me. Major props to anyone who’s already managed to do that – good on you! One day I’ll join you. But not today. The garden, the oven and the barbecue are calling.


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