Soba kids



Here’s a meal I made the other night that my kids loved. Like most of my recipes you can change out the veges for whatever is in season, or for textures and tastes you may prefer.

First prepare your veges and put aside on a big platter to arrange in bowls later: I like to make long thin ‘noodles’ from zucchini and carrot and shred some white cabbage really thinly. In a frypan saute some raw peeled prawns and a few cloves of chopped garlic in a little sesame oil till just pink then add some mushroom and beanprouts and saute till the beansprouts are transparent. Meanwhile cook buckwheat soba according to instructions – I only cook it for about 4-5 minutes then rinse in lots of cold water and squeeze to drain all the water out. In bowls, combine the zucchini noodles and soba as a base. Then top with prawn and vege saute, then shredded cabbage on top.  I normally make my own dressing, but this time I dressed the noodles this time with the excellent Miso Dressing by Urban Hippie *- a great little business making miso from locally-grown soy beans down in Nelson. It’s umami and a bit oily, and made purely from soybeans, no other ingredients. The grown ups had some gochujang added for some heat.

My kids love to eat with chopsticks and the cheat’s version mean they actually get some food into their mouth rather than all over their lap. I bought these cute animal ones from Nood.

*You can order Urban Hippie products online. I highly recommend trying their miso if you’re a miso fan – it’s fresh tasting, and unlike any miso I had tried previously.



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