Ice idea



The other day I was flicking through one of the many gardening books inherited from my mum, “The Essential Guide to Gardening Techniques” by Susan Berry. In it she suggests this simple way of preserving chives, of which I have a lot about to get too big and bitter in my garden. So I gave it a go with the chives, and also with my Thai basil which is on a rampage this year. In essence, it seems like a great way to keep the herbs nice and green and retaining their own moisture content.

Simply snip the chives into short lengths and pop into ice cubes trays, fill with water and freeze, then transfer frozen herb cubes to a freezer bag for later use. With the Thai basil I simply rolled up about 10 leave at a time and did the same. If you were really bothered about keeping all the herb content inside the ice (as some bits will poke out the top and might end up getting a bit of freezer burn – I’m not sure yet) you could half fill the cubes with herbs in them, freeze, then fill to top so the herbs are properly encased. But it gets tricky with small cubes – this method might work better with slightly larger containers.


5 thoughts on “Ice idea

  1. This also works well with olive oil instead of water, which is perfect if you cook with olive oil because you just throw and ‘ice cube’ into the tray etc!


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