Leftovers to Love


It’s the time of the year when, with repete overcatrering for barbecues, the fridge groans with leftovers – and  that’s before we even get to the insanity of Christmas leftovers. Faced with a couple of big slabs of cold, grilled sirloin the other day I whipped up these sandwiches which conveniently took care of the leftover slaw, too. They were so tasty I’m aiming to end up with leftover steak and slaw more often.

– Butter slices of sourdough (I used the delicious pan au Levain from Olaf’s in Mt Eden Village) and spread on a layer of French grainy mustard.

-Slice leftover steak in half horizontially so you have thinner, more sambo-friendly pieces of meat and place on bread.

– Top with slices of cheese – whatever you have but a tangy cheddar works well, as does something from the Swiss family.

– Grill in hot oven, along with the naked bread top partners, until cheese is just melting and bread is only lightly toasted

– Remove from oven. Top the steak and cheese halves with some leftover slaw or any kind of salad or greens,  and dollop some thick mayo on naked top slices before placing them on top of the bottoms. Enjoy! 




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