Pleasant surprise





Here’s a great quick idea of what to do with a surprise crayfish. My Great Barrier family – always with the delicious food, they are – brought one over to the city to say happy birthday to my husband. They even killed it and cooked it through for us – very kindly thought out, given the last time we were presented with a huge, alive specimen, we proved less than expert at dealing to it, the feisty creature.

So to make a not-so-huge cray go a long way, I used this one in a salad. Baby spinach leaves, steamed green beans, avocado and boiled eggs with the yolks still oozing a bit. Because I love crayfish meat with butter and garlic, but also with aioli, I made a double dressing for the salad. First sauteeing garlic in a generous amount of salted butter, then making an aioli with raw garlic. I drizzled both over the salad and voila, a meal for two – with the legs on the side, of course!


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