Saucy times

Eggplants are getting cheaper as we approach summer. I have a slight eggplant obsession that leads me to snap them up – all varieties of them –  in twos and threes, whenever I find them looking nicely plump and glossy. One of my favourite prepare-ahead dishes of late has been a pasta sauce made with roasted eggplant (the European variety). I say it’s a prepare-ahead dish simply because I like to roast the eggplant the night before, or during the day if I’m at home, as it means when it comes time to make the sauce, it’s really quick. Cut eggplant into medium-sized cubes, toss through some olive oil and a bit of flaky sea salt and roast at 180 degrees for about half an hour, or until cooked through and starting to caramelise round the edges. Done. Add roasted eggplant to a sauce made with sauteed garlic and onion and a tin of crushed tomatoes or some passata. Season with black pepper and a add torn basil leaves at the end of cooking. Serve with whatever pasta you like, cooked in well-salted water (I like it with papardelle), and top with loads of grated parmesan and a slug of evoo. It’s nothing new and exciting, but it’s damn simple and tasty and worth making regularly.


4 thoughts on “Saucy times

  1. I’ve cooked this a couple of times and it is absolutely freakin delicious and easy and cheap. Even meat eating hubby loved it, thanks Anna

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