Herbal Remedy



One of my favourite ways to flavour a grain or carb-based salad right now – an idea I must credit  Ottolenghi’s Plenty with – is to make a ‘herb paste’ by throwing a whole lot of fresh herbs into the processor or blender, with evoo and seasoning. You can take it further by adding an acid – lemon juice, wine vinegar – and raw garlic if you like. Sometimes I also add nuts such as cashews to make a thicker paste. But other times I like just the herbs and olive oil. I mostly use mint, coriander, flat-leaf parsley and basil (in various combos) because that’s what I’m growing right now. But you can use any herbs you like, that’s the glory of it.

In the badly-lit photo above, I’ve mixed herb paste through a salad of Palestinian couscous, grilled strips of eggplant, blanched asparagus and broad beans and goat’s feta.



3 thoughts on “Herbal Remedy

  1. I’ve become rather obsessed with herbs of late; I’m always especially disappointed when they’re blatantly lacking in restaurant and cafe food. Not a single Thai, nor Vietnamese eatery in the city uses anywhere like the amount of herbs they’d use in the mother country.

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