Seresin Estate evoo

Yep, evoo bugs me big time, every time I write it or see it written – but who wants to type or read ‘extra virgin olive oil’ over and over? In any case, the range of evoo produced by Marlbourough’s Seresin Estate is a very fine complement to their equally beautiful wines. I’ve recently been enjoying them in a whole host of ways – soaking them up with a good ciabatta or sourdough, and glugging them over pasta and salads aplenty. Here’s a gift set of the three infusions – orange, lemon and lime – plus the organic oil, that retails for about $45. A little goes a long way with the flavoured oils, so they’re really a great investment. My favourite is the lime – it’s less overtly citrusy than the lemon, and not as flowery as the orange. Fantastic, of course, on fish, and I’ve also been using it in Mexican salsas and guacamole. I love the orange oil on couscous – it has that decadent Moorish note to it, also brilliant with lamb and chicken. The lemon is pretty versatile and, somewhat surprisingly, the strongest flavour of the three, so you really only need a teeny bit to liven up a dish. I love it dripped onto avocado, tomato and rocket on toast. Oh, and with that whole Fair Go revelation that a huge amount of the imported olive oil we’re reaching for is both rancid and far from virgin, buying local olive oil makes even more sense. Now, to find a local producer who can sell in bigger quantities at a more reasonable price, so we can pour it over things liberally without hearing the ping of a cash register – anyone?



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