This is the lovely new incarnation of Sri Lankan supplies store Serandib, previously in much smaller digs up in the Mt Roskill shops proper. In its new home, right next to the excellent La Voie Francaise, Serandib (875 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill) is a spacious, incredibly orderly Aladdin’s Cave of all things edible and Sri Lankan. As expected, there’s a fine selection of chilli sauces, sambals and dried chilli products. There’s a number of bulk bins offering spices, pulses and grains at good value. The whole back wall is dedicated to preserved fish of one kind or another, which serves to remind me that Sri Lanka is, of course, an island, and boasts a cuisine that is perhaps as much linked to that of Indonesia and Thailand as it is to India. The rice on offer includes ‘Samba’, with teeny little polished grains – short like sushi rice but much finer – quite beautiful.

The owners, pictured, are some of the loveliest most helpful people you could chance upon, and wear their snazzy uniform with pride. They gave us a tip-off about Ceylon Sizzle – Sri Lankan restaurant out Papakura way that they reckon is worth a visit. So much great stuff to be found at Serandid, regardless of whether you’re planning A Sri Lankan menu or otherwise – coconut milk at a bargain price of $1.70 a can, mustard seeds 35c/100g, MD chilli & vinegar sauce 2 for $5 and downright delicious.

Most of all I’m loving that this little strip of Dominion Rd is becoming quite the example of how diverse Auckland’s cuisine has become. Dosa Plaza, La Voie Francaise and now Serandib, I salute you!




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