In Season: Beautiful Butternut



The vibrant orange of a ripe butternut squash must be one of the most beautiful colours on display in the vegetable kingdom. I’m not a big pumpkin/squash/ person, for the most part, but I welcome butternut, with its sweet yet not cloying, less tacky flesh, into my kitchen in Autumn. (There’s something about the way pumpkin sticks to the roof of one’s mouth that is downright disconcerting). The butternut in my kitchen goes into roast vegetable medleys and warm salads, pasta, risotto, and more. One thing I’ve done quite a bit this week, with butternut that has been roasted, is to make pita toasties filled with that and a tangy, creamy feta: superb. The toasties I make in my Breville toasted sandwich maker (the kind you can also lock apart to melt emmental onto croissants, for example). I don’t like to fill precious kitchen space with clunky implements, but this thing gets a hell of a lot of use in my house, and because it’s reasonably flat it fits in a draw. Recommend!



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