Piggy Bank Corner

Given money-saving is always a hot topic – even when we’re not in a recession – I thought I’d start a wee section on anything I come across that screams ‘good value’ to me. That could be where to buy the cheapest  pine nuts (Sandringham Shops – but they’re not the lovely Mediterranean type, mind), where to buy great fresh produce at a reasonable price, or restaurants and cafes offering exceptional value.  Here’s a couple of current dining out tips to get the ball rolling:

– The Grill by Sean Connolly has started a new lunch promotion. Grilled for Time offers two courses ($35) or three courses ($45) from a set menu of starters, mains and desserts. While the price is a bargain, there’s no scrimping on quality – The Grill manages to do the deal while still using the best of pasture-fed meat, wild venison and sustainable seafood. Bonus for the penny-wise who are driving in: The Grill provides free valet parking when dining – just use the Grand Hotel carpark entrance.

– Dining recently at The French Cafe, I was most impressed with the complimentary extras that really make your night feel a bit spesh: We were brought an amuse bouche, house butters and bread (the smoked butter was utterly delicious) and two complimentary sides came with our two mains. We walked out after surfeit of great food and wine , with a bill that came to just over $200 for two – amazingly good value.








2 thoughts on “Piggy Bank Corner

    1. Do it! Worth every cent. As cliched as it sounds, I’m all about collecting experiences rather than possessions right now, and visiting those restaurants you’ve always wanted to go is an incredibly rewarding experience 🙂

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