This is the lovely new incarnation of Sri Lankan supplies store Serandib, previously in much smaller digs up in the Mt Roskill shops proper. In its new home, right next to the excellent La Voie Francaise, Serandib (875 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill) is a spacious, incredibly orderly Aladdin’s Cave of all things edible and Sri Lankan. As expected, there’s a fine selection of chilli sauces, sambals and … Continue reading Serandib

In Season: Beautiful Butternut

  The vibrant orange of a ripe butternut squash must be one of the most beautiful colours on display in the vegetable kingdom. I’m not a big pumpkin/squash/ person, for the most part, but I welcome butternut, with its sweet yet not cloying, less tacky flesh, into my kitchen in Autumn. (There’s something about the way pumpkin sticks to the roof of one’s mouth that … Continue reading In Season: Beautiful Butternut

Piggy Bank Corner

Given money-saving is always a hot topic – even when we’re not in a recession – I thought I’d start a wee section on anything I come across that screams ‘good value’ to me. That could be where to buy the cheapest  pine nuts (Sandringham Shops – but they’re not the lovely Mediterranean type, mind), where to buy great fresh produce at a reasonable price, … Continue reading Piggy Bank Corner

Pop-up Dining Auckland

Talented, adventurous and rearing to go, chef Ben Barton recently returned to his hometown AK after many years working on bling-bling boats and ski resorts. Back in January he decided to have a crack at starting up a regular pop-up dining scene, and four months down the track he has successfully hosted meals that have included a drunken Mexican brunch, a mole night (as in … Continue reading Pop-up Dining Auckland