Chorizo-Stuffed Baby Squid

Yesterday I asked on my facebook page for some ideas on what to cook for dinner using chorizo and squid. Paella was a good suggestion, though I can’t eat starchy rice at the moment. And someone else pointed me to a Gourmet Traveller recipe with chorizo, squid and chickpeas. Not for me either as my pantry needs a tinned beans and pulses injection right now. I found a Rick Stein recipe for a chorizo and squid salad with rocket and tomato – that looked the thing, so I got started. Somehow decided halfway through that seeing as the squid I had was in fact baby tubes, I might as well stuff them with the chorizo, so it ended up like this (rough recipe):

– First make a salad of rocket leaves, whatever tomato you have (cherry would be great, or little Roma ones) and finely sliced red onion, generously dressed with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, smoked paprika and flaky sea salt, and left to marinate while you cook.

– Defrost squid tubes if they’re frozen and leave to drain.

– Slice three cloves garlic and two large chorizo sausages. The ones I used were from Nosh, in between a really dry chorizo and a moist one, easy enough to slice raw and nicely spicy. Fry them up in some olive oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan. When the chorizo is cooked (or warmed if it’s the fully cured kind) through, throw in a handful of breadcrumbs and stir it all round to crisp up the crumbs.

– Using your hands and a pointed spoon, stuff each quid tube with the chorizo mixture.

– Fry the stuffed squid tubes in olive oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan, turning to cook all sides but taking care not to over-cook the squid.

– Meanwhile, cut some waxy potatoes into cubes and boil or steam til tender.

– On each plate, arrange the salad in the centre, surrounded by a ring of potato, then topped with the stuffed squid. Garnish with something green, if you like! I did, with crispy roasted cavalo nero strips, but only remembered after I’d taken photos!




One thought on “Chorizo-Stuffed Baby Squid

  1. this is cool too,. if you want try scoring the squid , fry itin the leftover oil of the chorizo, and then with the blanched potatoes toss them through the oil as well, with a bit of crushed garlic and lemon zest.. caperberries and red onion go good in the salad. nyum.

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