Much Ado over Macarons

Among all the hype over macarons these past few years, I must say I’ve been a bit of a naysayer. I’d never really understood the big deal over what, to me, tends to be a sickly sweet confection lacking in the textural delight one might expect. Then I tried the macarons from La Voie Francaise and, boom! They’re pretty good. Here’s a photo of the berry one, basking in the April sun – blackberry? Boysenberry? I can’t quite remember, sorry. The chocolate ones are very fine, too. These macarons were not as saccharine as those in my past, and possessed a crust to crow about. So now I get it. A good macaron is something to swoon over.





3 thoughts on “Much Ado over Macarons

  1. Were these J’aime les Macarons ones do you know? I’ve found there’s only a few macaron suppliers and most people stock the Ma Charie ones which are yucky! Dizengof cafe in Ponsonby stocks J’aime les Macarons – SO good!

    1. Hi Lydia, these are Tetsuya’s own macarons – everything at la Voie Francaise is made on site. I personally prefer these ones to J’aime les Macarons – not that I’m a macaron expert by any stretch of the imagination! But I find them less cloyingly sweet. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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