Clinton Beauvnik on the price of milk

Good to read in The Herald yesterday this piece by Nosh founder Clinton Beauvnik on the price of milk in New Zealand. I’ve been buying my milk (and lots of other things, including things I really, really didn’t need) at Nosh since they lowered the price to $1 per litre (the Cow & Gate 2 litre bottles sell for $1.99 there). I already shopped at Nosh for certain things, but it wasn’t the place I popped into for bread and milk, whereas it is now. They are continuing this promo till the end of this month, and it will be interesting to see whether supermarkets take up the challenge to lower their up to 30% profit margin on shelf price (which is never promoted) of milk.

I’ve never been a big user of milk, but now have two small children, both of whom love dairy products, the price is important to me. With Nosh keeping it at $1 a litre these last two months, I’ve been buying more of it and using more of it – I’m getting reckless with the white stuff, living dangerously! But seriously, by keeping the price a lot higher than it needs to be (and well above that of sugary drinks), supermarkets will just end up driving a culture that views milk as a luxury, and who’s going to benefit out of that? Nobody.


One thought on “Clinton Beauvnik on the price of milk

  1. I noticed at Pak n Save, my usual, that milk went down by nine cents recently – I don’t know exactly when but I suspect maybe around the time Nosh first started the promotion, or slightly earlier.

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