Just a few mentions of great customer service of late: Il Forno – The lovely girl behind the counter at the weekend – smiling, helpful, a delight all-round. Cibo – The wait staff here have got it right. Attentive, in a very polite manner, make you feel special, yet not sycophantic. The Grill – I love staff offering to take my coat – it doesn’t … Continue reading Niceties

La Voie Francaise

At the uncool end of Dominion Rd, opposite a Chinese restaurant that seems to specialise in health-promoting offal dishes (Ox penis stew: good for pain in the loin!) is a recent addition to the area that is very, very well worth a visit. La Voie Francaise is the first sole venture of baker Tetsuya Namekawa, who  – according to reports, as the guy himself seems … Continue reading La Voie Francaise

Oriental Eggplant

These pretty lavender-coloured eggplants look like long fat fingers, a shape which makes them super easy to prepare. There are actually many varieties of long eggplant from the Orient, so you might spot some with a mottled skin, some pale lilac and some a richer purple.  Their skin is often thinner than the better-known, darker-skinned eggplant, which means they’re great for stir-frying, sauteing and other … Continue reading Oriental Eggplant