Tortas de Aceite


These little Sevillian beauties by Ines Rosales (orange or plain) have been a secret obsession of mine since I first tasted them a few years back. Their translation, ‘oil cakes’, doesn’t sounds particularly enticing, but that’s just reference to the olive oil used to make them. I love their Moorish quality (almond, anise) and that they bridge the sweet-savoury divide – I mean, they’re certainly sweet, but they also go well with some nice crumbly cheese a glass of red. Having found a simple-looking recipe for them in the Spanish section of Jamie Does… I really need to try making them myself and see if I can save myself $10 a pop. I shall let you know.


2 thoughts on “Tortas de Aceite

  1. Nom Nom Panda they are delicious and you can buy them at Farro, Sabato and Nosh – and probably other smaller gourmet stores round the place. Plain is my favourite – you get more of the anise flavour coming through – but orange is nice too, particularly in winter with some mulled wine!

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