February at Avondale Markets

  Avondale Markets was teeming with life on a hot, humid Sunday morning in February. The warm hues of citrus, plums and tomatoes dominated the colour palette, along with a background of green – fresh herbs in abundance. Here are a few of the more exciting things I found at Avondale last Sunday: Thai shallots – you can’t buy these regularly anywhere else (correct me … Continue reading February at Avondale Markets

Wilt thou buy me?

When I first moved in to this neighbourhood two years ago, I was chuffed to find I had a greengrocer’s-cum-general store at the end of the street that sold fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables as well as other bits and bobs you’d find yourself needing of an average day – milk, bread, cheeses, yoghurt, Nippy’s ice chocolate , addictive homemade vegetable samosas. Not long after … Continue reading Wilt thou buy me?

Tortas de Aceite

  These little Sevillian beauties by Ines Rosales (orange or plain) have been a secret obsession of mine since I first tasted them a few years back. Their translation, ‘oil cakes’, doesn’t sounds particularly enticing, but that’s just reference to the olive oil used to make them. I love their Moorish quality (almond, anise) and that they bridge the sweet-savoury divide – I mean, they’re … Continue reading Tortas de Aceite

Holy Basil

Three types of basil are used in Thai cuisine: sweet, anise flavoured, purple-flowered horapa (which we call Thai basil); maenglak – lemon flavoured and least commonly used, and kaprao – holy basil, the type most dear to Thai people. Last spring I found Holy Basil seedlings for sale at the Avondale Markets  (look for the Thai family selling herb seedlings and bromeliads, at the beginning … Continue reading Holy Basil