I’ve Bean Eating…


Fried green beans with pork mince and black olive. One of my favourite dishes when I’m having an umami craving, and done very well at Sapor Noodle House in Balmoral. It’s best, of course, when green beans are in season, so go out and eat it right now if you’re local. The beans are blistered on the outside from the heat of the wok, and wonderfully crunchy in the middle, and there’s just the right amount of preserved olives to make the dish nice and salty, but not stroke-inducingly so, plus a bit of chilli in there for good measure. This, with a bowl of perfectly steamed rice, is one of the most satisfying meals on earth. I’ve ordered this dish at a number of Chinese joints about town, but Sapor Noodle House and Canton in Kingsland do it best in this city, in my opinion. I first tried Sapor more than ten years ago, with some Taiwanese friends who frequented it, and the place still quietly chugging along, still turning out tasty food; I’ve never ordered a dud dish, anyway. Prices start from below $10 for BBQ meats on rice up to $20 or so for fish dishes. Friendly staff, and well worth a visit if you’re down Balmoral way. Good for takeaways, too.

Sapor Noodle House,605 Dominion Rd, Balmoral, phone 6388148.


3 thoughts on “I’ve Bean Eating…

  1. We’ve been going there for over ten years with our children. The food was how my Dad used to cook when I was little. Very sad to see it no longer exists.

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