Best in Season: Lebanese Cucumbers

There’s something alluring about miniature incarnations of vegetables – Brussels sprouts, baby carrots, turnips and beetroot, and cute, summery little Lebanese cucumbers. It’s not just that these smaller cucumbers are fairer of face; they also tend to be sweeter, crunchier and less prone to bitterness.With over 90 per cent water content (they were traditionally used in Europe to quench thirst) cucumbers make a refreshing bite … Continue reading Best in Season: Lebanese Cucumbers


I’ve just made this crisp flatbread (of Armenian origin) for the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last – it’s so easy and the results are the perfect crackers to have in the pantry for when guests pop over – lavash with a hunk of cheese and maybe some fruit paste: perfectly simple. I’ve adapted Kiwi-in-London chef Anna Hansen’s lavash recipe, from her excellent … Continue reading Lavash