Eastern Eggs


Eggs were requested this morning, and because I’m trying to sneak spinach from the garden into pretty much everything I cook right now, I thought I’d make my take on some delicious Iraqi-style eggs my mother-in-law cooked when she was visiting us earlier this year.

I’ve sautéed fresh chopped spinach (though you could use frozen), a clove of garlic and a small shallot until the garlic and shallots are translucent and soft and the spinach is cooked through and completely soft. Then stir in a little ground cumin, cinnamon, black pepper and salt (you could use baharat). Crack in the eggs and leave the yolks intact, or break them and stir it round a bit if you like it that way. Once the whites are cooked through, dish up and sprinkle with sumac. I served them on my home-made sourdough, and they’re also great scooped up with fresh, warm khubz.


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