I’ve been meaning to try Barilla for a wee while now, since reading about Eat Here Now‘s love affair with the restaurant’s dumplings. You can read a review of Barilla, accompanied by some much prettier photos than mine, on Eat Here Now, so I’ll keep this brief: if dumplings are your darling, go there. Make sure to order them steamed or fried, rather than plain boiled, and try any of the fillings – there aren’t likely to be any total duds, I reckon. Definitely try the pork and fennel (pretty intensely fennel, but subtlety is often overrated). The lamb fillings are a bit fattier in the mouth, but we’re not counting calories here. The shui mai are big and wondrous, and everything on the menu has that umami-ness that means it has probably had a bit of, ahem, enhancement. So maybe don’t go too often, and don’t plan much for the hours following – a nap, maybe.

Oh, forgot to mention that it’s very affordable. $9-11 for a huge steamer of 20 dumplings – absurd!

571 Dominion Road, Balmoral, ph 638-8032


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