Smoking in Sachie’s Kitchen





Last week I went along to a special night at Sachie’s Kitchen in Parnell, hosted by Regal Salmon. First, let me tell you Sachie’s Kitchen is an excellent little set-up and I’d  recommend checking out the website if you’re in the market for some cooking classes. Anyway, we made a couple of different dishes using fresh salmon, including sushi with meltingly soft raw salmon. Raw is my favourite way to eat salmon, because I just love that buttery texture and the more subtle flavour. But I have to say, Masterchef Nadia Lim showed us a quick and easy method of smoking salmon on the stovetop, and with the results being as tasty as they were, I’ll definitely be doing this on a regular basis at home, thanks Nadia!

Nadia’s Nifty Hot-Smoked Salmon

Mix brown sugar and pepper and rub on flesh side of salmon.

To set up the smoker; line a wok or deep fry pan with tin foil. Place a small handful (2 Tbsp) of woodchips* inside, then place a cake rack on top to fit inside the wok/fry pan. Cover wok lid tightly with tinfoil, and place lid on top. Place smoker on top of the element on high heat to start woodchips smoking (it will take about 5-10minutes). Once smoking, put salmon on the rack inside the wok and smoke (covered with lid) for 6 minutes.
*Buy woodchips (manuka is lovely here) at gourmet and barbecue stores.





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