Fireworks and Strawberry Clouds




The pictures aren’t that pretty, but the cake most certainly was, in the flesh. This is Annabel Langbein’s Strawberry Cloud Cake from The Free Range Cook, and I can highly recommend it as a dessert that looks quite fantastic with really very little effort. I seem to be cooking quite a bit from Annabel Langbein’s recipes of late, one reason being always manages to highlight seasonal produce without too much fuss involved. This cake, which is kind of a big uncooked meringue I suppose, uses a punnet of strawberries for a real fruity hit, and the desiccated coconut in the biscuit base adds a bit of a tropical note.

We enjoyed it, along with a whole lot of other delicious dishes friends had made, at a Guyfawkes pot luck over the weekend. My hostess, the queen of hostesses, Jess also made some adorable marbled meringues which I will have to get the recipe for to post here. Needless to say the feral fireworks-mad children discovered the meringues before the adults did, so that was that.



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