Persian Eggplant Rolls




Here’s a very easy but quite delicious little nibble to serve now that eggplant is coming into season. You could make these a lot more complicated (things like walnuts, pine nuts, parsley and garlic would be good additions), but if you’re looking for a really easy recipe idea, try this: Cut eggplant lengthways into thin strips. Brush with olive oil and grill until starting to caramelise. Then, on each strip place a clump of feta (I used buffalo milk feta), some fresh mint and a few drops of pomegranate molasses and natural yoghurt. Roll up (pp a little skewer through to keep together if you like) and serve still lukewarm, or cold.


5 thoughts on “Persian Eggplant Rolls

  1. I bought some aubergines yesterday from the supermarket wondering what to do them – wanted to try something different. So this post has come at a perfect time for me. It’s Persian eggplant rolls for dinner tonight!

  2. Enjoy! Definitely more of a nibbly type thing than a whole meal – but could easily be bulked up with some of your nice biryani on the side! PS: I remember that amazing fish and dill dish you made once when we were in Bahrain; I would love the recipe! Also I’m growing broad beans and I love the Iraqi rice with dill and broad beans – is that easy to make?

  3. You might know more than me about salting, Barton, but I’ve always thought the need to salt eggplant stemmed from the fact they were often grown in too-cold conditions here in NZ, resulting in bitterness in the flesh. With most being grown indoors know, that problem has disappeared, and I have to say I never salt eggplant these days, and never taste even a hint of bitterness.

  4. I like the chive ideas, too – now why didn’t I think of that!? Presentation not my forte! I also have baby spring onions which could work, too.

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