Ground Roasted Rice



This is a good thing to have a wee supply of in your pantry, if, like me, you like to cook Thai/Isaan food at home. I just love dishes like Nam Tok (spicy beef salad) and larb – they’re reasonably quick and easy to make and contain all the vegetables and herbs you could wish for in one meal. Those Isaan salads most often call for ground roasted rice, which is sprinkled over and stirred through to give the dish a beautifully nutty, fragrant flavour and for a texture-phile like me, a wicked little crunch.

To make it, simply toast raw jasmine rice in a dry, heavy-based pan (I use cast-iron for toasting things as you don’t need oil and the pan doesn’t mark). Toast until fragrant and opaque and starting to turn golden, then transfer the rice to a large mortar. If you only have a small mortar, you’ll have to grind it in batches, because the rice flicks around quite a bit and will fly over the sides, which is pretty frustrating. Grind the rice until you get a coarse powder. This can take quite some time and muscle – it pretty much counts as my workout for the day.

Store in an airtight container in the pantry for no longer than a few months, after that it will lose some  and crunch.



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