Crispy-Soft Tofu on Buckwheat Soba

    So here’s something easy to do with those garlic scapes I was raving about. Another thing, I’ve realised they’re a lot easier to come by than I thought, and I’ve eaten them often in the past without knowing exactly what they were, having bought them at Asian supermarkets (Tai Ping, Silver Bell and the like). There they’re called garlic shoots and are sold … Continue reading Crispy-Soft Tofu on Buckwheat Soba

Garlic Scapes

Here’s a little bunch of cuteness I bought at Huckleberry Farms organic store yesterday. They’d labelled them ‘garlic shoots’, but I think the term garlic scapes is more commonly used for these – the long, curling shoots that grow up form a garlic bulb to form a flower bud. Most growers will lop garlic scapes off in early summer, to channel the plant’s energy back … Continue reading Garlic Scapes

Dried Limes

Brown and somewhat shrivelled, they almost look like a nasty surprise from the bottom of the fridge – but the flavour dried limes, often called loomi or Basra limes, bring to a dish is anything but old and tired. Typically used in Middle Eastern cuisine – especially around the Persian Gulf – dried limes can be found here at many ethnic food stores. Dried limes … Continue reading Dried Limes


Nasturtium plants are easy to grow, invasive even, and are found in many a back yard without anybody recalling having planted them. The rounded leaves and bright-hued blooms are strikingly pretty, and can both be used in the kitchen, possessing a snappy peppery bite similar to radish. When using whole flowers, you may either pluck the petals or use whole, but do remove the centre … Continue reading Nasturtium

Corn Salad

This small salad leaf is also known as (here we go): lamb’s lettuce, lamb’s tongue, field lettuce, mâche, rapunzel and nussli or nut lettuce. So many names for such a little leaf! It was traditionally a foraged green and first became cultivated in France by Louis IV’s gardener. It grows wild in many parts of Europe and North America and gained the name corn salad … Continue reading Corn Salad

Fireworks and Strawberry Clouds

  The pictures aren’t that pretty, but the cake most certainly was, in the flesh. This is Annabel Langbein’s Strawberry Cloud Cake from The Free Range Cook, and I can highly recommend it as a dessert that looks quite fantastic with really very little effort. I seem to be cooking quite a bit from Annabel Langbein’s recipes of late, one reason being always manages to … Continue reading Fireworks and Strawberry Clouds