Little & Friday






Photo homage to the delights of Little & Friday, housed inside Martha’s Furnishing Fabrics in Newmarket. The baking gets brought over from their flagship shop in Belmont throughout the day, which kind of warrants visiting morning, noon and afternoon to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, right? I love the old milk bottles, complete with their holder, filled with iced water and fresh mint. And the shared space thing is so cool. We need more of that in Auckland, please! I can think of loads of design stores that would be more awesome with a cute cafe to enjoy at the same time. Psychologically, I must say after feasting on a little choc mud cake topped with a pansy, and a chunky as hell sausage roll with tomato chutney, plus a pretty decent flat white – I felt so relaxed I wanted to buy all sorts of beautiful fabrics and go crazy with home decorating. The main problem was knowing my house is too small to need any more decorating. Ah well. Another coffee then.

Little & Friday: Inside Martha’s Furnishing Fabrics,12 Melrose St,Newmarket, Auckland.


2 thoughts on “Little & Friday

  1. My main gripe when I went was that there were no labels on anything. I got sick of asking for names and prices after a while and felt pressured to buy the items I’d already asked about. From your photos, it looks like they’ve started putting signs on things now, which is good news. Time for another visit, methinks. 🙂

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