Wait for it…

Local gourmet-leaning food retailer Nosh announced yesterday announced new and exclusive partnership with UK supermarket Waitrose. Nosh will be stocking a range of Waitrose products, plus cheeses sourced through Waitrose. I miss the huge cheese counter of the Finchley Rd Waitrose in London, and I’m thinking that the partnership might mean, among other things, a wider selection of English cheddar at a better price – hoorah! I’m also looking forward to being able to by the Duchy Originals range here – I miss those oat cakes! (Perfect topped with a good cheddar). Nosh reckons they’ll have around 100 Waitrose items in store by Christmas, with up to one thousand products making their way onto the shelves thereafter.

At the media announcement, Nosh gave us a taster of what Waitrose has been up to lately, with their Heston Blumenthal christmas pudding. Made for the UK market last Christmas, Blumenthal has gone and popped a whole candied orange in the centre of the pud, which infuses it with flavour. I’m not a big fruit pudding fan, but even I had to concede it tasted rather good. Those puddings sold out within days in the UK and they couldn’t meet demand, seeing as the pudding took 6 weeks to mature – so Ebay provided a forum for the Heston/pudding obsessed to pay hundreds of pounds for the item, which retailed for less than 20 quid. The mini version of the Hidden Orange puddings, with a candied clementine inside, will be included in some Nosh Christmas hampers this year.


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