Good Morning, Mister




Damaris and Renee Coulter, the talented pair behind K’ Rd’s Coco’s Cantina, recently opened their daytime offering right next door to the bistro. Damaris told me they hadn’t initially wanted to open a cafe, but when the shop beside Coco’s came up for lease, the idea of another liquor store moving into K’Rd was too much to stomach. Open just over a week, Mister Morning looks set to be the new social hub on that famous road, consistently packed with happy faces and lively natter.

Damaris says she and Renee were tired of the typical Auckland cafe set-up, involving a menu and wait staff and all that restauranty jazz they already do next door, so Mister Morning is a true coffee bar, so to speak, with stools lining the counter, basic but excellent sandwiches with classic fillings, a couple of salads and a few sweet things. Supreme is the coffee, served in takeaway cups branded with Mister’s fine ‘mo; spoon in your choice of organic or Rapadura sugar. Special mention goes to the traditional signwriting on the window – preeeeettty! Thanks, gals, your eating places are both choice and make K’Rd a much happier place to bunk down for a bit.


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