Dine with the Stein

Metro presents dinner with Rick Stein on October 20 at Cibo in Parnell. There’s a Malaysian theme – Rick is appearing in partnership with Metro magazine, as well as Martrade and the Malaysia Kitchen programme, who have been responsible for some pretty cool promotion of Malaysian food in Auckland over the past six months or more. Over five courses of his Malaysian dishes with matching … Continue reading Dine with the Stein

Gai Yang

    If you’ve ever travelled in Thailand you’ll know the irresistible (er, unless you don’t eat meat; or maybe worryingly irresistible even so?) smell of gai yang – marinated chicken legs cooking over charcoal. Street stalls that sell gai yang will most often simply offer sticky rice and som tam (papaya salad) to go with it. For they are, indeed the perfect accompaniments, you … Continue reading Gai Yang

Channa Dal

For no particularly valid reason, I’ve not cooked much in the way of Indian food at home. I think I’ve always considered it far better to relished when done really well at a restaurant or in an ex-pat’s kitchen; that it’s too hard to get it right at home. I do still think that way about a lot of Chinese cuisine, due to the need for … Continue reading Channa Dal

Good Morning, Mister

Damaris and Renee Coulter, the talented pair behind K’ Rd’s Coco’s Cantina, recently opened their daytime offering right next door to the bistro. Damaris told me they hadn’t initially wanted to open a cafe, but when the shop beside Coco’s came up for lease, the idea of another liquor store moving into K’Rd was too much to stomach. Open just over a week, Mister Morning looks set … Continue reading Good Morning, Mister

Jerusalem Artichoke

I wrote about these kind of munty looking little tubers in last month’s issue of Taste magazine and have developed a little thing for them this winter. They stake an unusual textural claim, kind of somewhere between potato and macadamia nut, if you ask me. Still hard to find them in most regular produce stores, but gourmet places and farmer’s markets will have them in season. I bought … Continue reading Jerusalem Artichoke

Larb gai

The Isaan classic Larb is a favourite quick and easy dinner in our house. It’s perfect for when you’re craving something that’s packed with flavour but isn’t heavy. And if, like me (yes I’m always whingeing about this) you bemoan the lack of fresh herbs used in Thai eateries, here’s your chance to use a whole bunch of coriander in one smart hit and prevent the fate … Continue reading Larb gai