Tangelos and grapefruit – especially when squeezed and gulped down first thing in the morning – help make winter a more bearable condition to live through. Although I don’t have a grapefruit tree in my yard, and haven’t done in the last few houses I’ve lived, I still bitterly resent buying them, and rely instead on bulging bags of them being donated. At my last house that was by my kindly elderly neighbour who was on heart meds that didn’t mix well with grapefruit (a common theme for many a poor soul), so I’d trade her avocados from our tree for the right to clear her front lawn of those lovely golden globes. Such a shame to see them drop and turn to mush on so many lawns (same goes for lemons). I love it when folks leave plastic bags full of them (or feijoas, in Autumn) at their gate, with a sign saying ‘FREE”. Or when kids set up a little roadside stall selling them to make enough money for a dollar mix at the dairy. And while grapefruit are pretty fantastic, nothing but nothing beats the intense flavour and hue of freshly squeezed tangelo juice. So, so superior to boring old orange.


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